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The Severus and Minerva Masterlist of Links: ART

(The most recently added Fic and Art can be found at the end of their respective lists.)

Note: this list - and the associated Fic lists - originated here but it will no longer be updated there. The link in this community, close_contrast, is the offical masterlist as of: 10/18/09. The list is current as of June 6, 2011.

Snape/McGonagall Goodness: These stories in some way feature the Snape/McG relationship. They may contain slash or het or even be gen!

Please Note: If you know of a SS/McG themed story or work of art that doesn't appear on this list but that you think should be here - or if one of our links needs to be updated - please reply to this comment with information such as Title, Author, Summary, Category (gen/het/slash), Pairing (if any), Rating, Word Count, and anything else that readers should know about the story and we will add it to the list!

Also Note: (a) Only Complete stories will be added to this list. No WIP's please. (some incomplete stories were included when this community was first created, and they will remain on the Master List) (b) Links to archives/journals that don't require registration are preferred. (c) Be aware, however, that some links will lead to sites that require registration.


Lemon Drawing.
Artist: Shadowycat (NC-17. NSFW)

A Duel Picture.
Artist: Shadowycat

Another Story Illustration.
Author: Shadowycat

Another SS/McG Illustration
Author: Shadowycat

Various SS/MM drawings rated G to R
Artist: Shadowycat.

Nice Wandwork, Young Man
Artist: Venturous (Snape/Minerva. NC-17. NSFW)

Minerva and Severus
Artist: Bellatrix Discipula (Het. G.)

Minerva's Greeting
Artist: The Black Panther (Gen -- G; McGonagall and Snape, although one could envision it as a prelude to het)

Duel of the Profs
Artist: Bluemoonchild (Gen -- PG; McGonagall and Snape)

Politically-Incorrect Cravat
Artist: CalicoGoat (Gen -- G; McGonagall and Snape)

Snape Annoying McGonagall
Artist: edf (Gen -- G)

Yule Ball
Artist: Lady Twatterby. (Gen - or Het, if you prefer. G. McGonagall and Snape)

McG and Snape
Artist: Lawrence of Suburbia (Het -- G; McGonagall and Snape)

Team Spirit
Artist: Makani. (Gen -- G; McGonagall and Snape, cameos by Dumbledore and Sprout)

Explain Yourself
Artist: Phalacroraxcarbo. (Gen -- G; hostile McGonagall, Snape)

Artist: Raelynkitty (Gen -- G; McGonagall and Snape)

Snape and McGonagall
Artist: Scullysayer (Gen -- G)

Her Glasses
Artist: sigune (Het -- PG; McGonagall and Snape.)

Heads of Houses
Artist: Tearspawn (Het -- G; McGonagall and Snape)

Snape and McGonagall
Artist: Tearspawn (Gen -- G)

Artist: Tearspawn (Het -- PG; McGonagall and Snape)

The Banes of Her Existence
Artist: Vizen (Gen -- G; McGonagall, portrait!Snape, portrait!Dumbledore)

Valentine's Day
Artist: Vizen (Gen -- G; Snape, Flitwick, Lockhart, McGonagall, Dumbledore)

Winter Hits Hogwarts
Artist: Yaddie (Gen -- G; Snape and McGonagall)

Severus, Albus, and Minerva
Artist: Zorm (Gen -- G)

Artist: Zwerg (Gen -- or Het -- up to you. G. Minerva and Severus in black)

At the Ball 2
Artist: tearspawn (G)

What's a kiss between friends
Artist: tearspawn (G/PG. het)

Come here
(G) gen - McGonagall and a young Snape
Artist: Irrbis

(PG13) het - McGonagall and tee Snape
Artist: Irrbis

The End
(PG) gen - with Harry and Animagus Minerva
Artist: Irrbis

(G gen or het
Artist: Irrbis

Happy X-mas
(G) het
Artist: Irrbis

The Headmasters
(G) gen
Artist: Irrbis

In the evening
(G) gen
Artist: Irrbis

Lily in the mirror
(PG) het - with Lily Potter
Artist: Irrbis

(G) het implied
Artist: Irrbis

No pair
(G) gen, het implied
Artist: Irrbis

"Illustrations for Home Studies"
Artist: Anonymous (PG. See above for link to fic.)

HMS Pride and Prejudice
Artist: bellatriamusica (Gen -- G)

Artist: bellatriamusica (PG)

Artist: mothwing (PG)

"Duel" and "Dance"
Artist: mothwing (G/PG)

Away from Prying Eyes
Artist: mothwing (R)

Artist: mothwing (G)

Artist: mothwing (A little Hallowe'en silliness - Minerva and Severus sharing an autumnal picnic in a park (which obviously also grows non-European plants). G)

A walk in the Woods
Artist: sigune (PG)

Artist: Sigune (Between Headmaster Snape and his Deputy Headmistress, what is essential remains unspoken. G.)

Snape and McGonagall
Artist: ehay (Rating: G)

For old time's sake
Artist: Irrbis (Rating: G.)

Book 7, chapter 30, Variant 3
Artist: Katigerclaw (Rating: PG.)


The Colleagues
Artist: Irrbis (Het and/or Gen/Friendship -- G)

The Headmasters
Artist: Irrbis (Gen -- G)

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