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Close Contrast

"Were there such friends anywhere as Slytherin and Gryffindor?" -- Sorting Hat

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Close Contrast
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Severus Snape. Minerva McGonagall. Born to different eras, teaching vastly different subjects, and entirely unalike in temperament. The embodiments of the opposing philosophies around which all conflict at Hogwarts--and indeed, in the wizarding world--ultimately revolves. If any two people in the Harry Potter universe have an excuse not to get along, it's these two Heads of rival Houses.

And yet, somehow, they do.

You don't have to ship the two characters romantically to see the storytelling possibilities inherent in their situation. As different as night and day, and seldom seen together, nonetheless they manage throughout the books to consistently defy every stereotype about Gryffindors and Slytherins. They speak cordially, support one another, indulge their House rivalry in an almost companionable way, and act as the right and left hands of Albus Dumbledore with apparently seamless ease. Though a hundred causes for tension must exist between them at any given time, the blistering hatred that marks so many interactions between their Houses seems entirely absent.

Whether you cast them as friends, colleagues, allies, rivals, lovers, all of the above, or something else entirely, it's hard to picture them as enemies, and harder not to be intrigued by this curious state of concordant opposition.

This community is meant to promote the exploration of the dynamics between these two powerful characters in whatever form it manifests. Everyone is welcome to post their theories, questions, challenges, essays, stories, art, and general Snape/McGonagall chitchat.

We ask only that members and guests refrain from netspeak, trolling, flaming, and wildly off-topic discussion, and that anything lengthy or above an R rating be put behind a LJ-cut with appropriate warnings. Be courteous, be sensible, and essentially, don't do anything that would lose you House points! Questions and comments for the moderators may be directed here.

Thanks, and welcome, from bethbethbeth, kellychambliss, and ysilme


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