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Looking for a fic (and I hope this is allowed)

Hello everyone,

I hope asking for a lead on a fic is allowed. I'm trying to find a fic that is a Minerva/Severus. All I can remember is one particular scene.

In the scene, Severus is hiding in Minerva's bedroom while she is talking to Order members (I believe the story is set after HBP). At any rate, he hears her ranting about "How could that bastard believe I could ever love him", or something to that order. Severus things she is talking about him, but in fact, she just got a message (and I believe a gift) from Voldemort. Severus tries to sneak out because he is humiliated, but Minerva catches him. She tells him that she's angry at Voldemort (in fact, she claims that VM is trying to flirt with her). She convinces Severus that she loves him and I believe that she then tells the order members there (I know Arthur Weasley was there, but I'm not sure about others), that Severus is loyal to the Order and the side of the Light.

Does anyone remember this fic? It's driving me nuts trying to find it.

Thanks in advance if you can help.

Mods, if this is against the rules, please accept my apologies and delete.
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